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The Moriah Foundation Circle

Join our Moriah Foundation Circle

The Moriah Foundation Circle provides our Moriah parents (past and present) the opportunity to support the important work of the Foundation, and to connect with other Moriah parents at special events throughout the year.

The annual contribution is a tax-deductible donation starting from $1,200 per annum, which can be paid in monthly installments of $100, providing you with flexibility.

Need a good reason to join The Moriah Foundation Circle? Here are 5.


You’ll be making a difference to the lives of our Moriah children.


Feel proud of and invested in supporting our Moriah family.


Show your children how important and meaningful it is to help others.


Connect with other parents and gain access to interesting and enjoyable events throughout the year.


Donations are tax deductible. Your $1,200 annual investment can be paid once-off or in 12 monthly instalments of $100.

“A few things attracted us to belong to the Moriah Foundation. Firstly giving and supporting the school that gives and provides our kids a wonderful learning environment and secondly the Covid pandemic “No Family is left behind” campaign. To us this campaign showcased the best of our school community spirit and support. The Foundation has also done an exceptional job trying to connect its members through some brilliant events which we have learnt from and thoroughly enjoyed.”

Joshua and Joanne Tanchel

“Education, specifically a Jewish education, has and always will be, the cornerstone of our community. We support The foundation Circle as it plays a fundamentally important role in ensuring that we as a thriving Jewish community do all that we can to ensure that every Jewish child that wants a Jewish education gets a really good one.”

Josh and Natalie Persky

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